EngWr 300

Sacramento City College

FALL 2007

 Online - Sect. # 20955



Ann Doersch, Professor                                                               Office Hours in RS319:

Phone/Voice Mail: (916) 650-2777                                                    MTWTh 8:10-8:50

Email: doersca@scc.losrios.edu                                                              MW 12:00-1:00

Mailbox: RS226                                                                                   or by appointment



Course Description:

This online college composition course is designed to help you become a critical reader and effective writer – not only will you understand what you read, but also you will analyze and evaluate it. Learning to read critically will help you to write well. You will seek to go beyond the obvious and avoid superficiality and oversimplification, and you will get better at anticipating what readers will expect and what questions they will pose so that you plan your own essays with readers in mind.


Course Goals:

• to help you effectively communicate your thoughts to others

• to help you develop the skills necessary to read analytically and write effectively for college classes in any discipline or for any position of employment in the competitive job market



In order to be eligible for this course, you must have one of the following with you at our course orientation on August 30th, 2007 at 5:30 PM in RS326:


                                    • a transcript showing a “C” or better in EngWr 100

                                    • an assessment test placement in EngWr 300

                                    • a counselor’s recommendation (not merely a “course plan”)


You will be dropped from the course roster if you cannot provide written documentation showing you have met the prerequisite. In addition, you will need to present your photo ID on orientation night, or you will be dropped from the roster to make room for students trying to add the course. Once the course roster is established, I will be taking a digital picture of each enrolled student so that I can connect names with faces throughout the semester.


Required Texts and Materials:

            • A computer with dependable Internet access

            • A consistent and reliable email address

• Reading Critically, Writing Well, 7th edition by Axelrod and Cooper. This text is available in the LRC, and you can borrow a copy for a couple of hours at a time by using the following call number: PE1417.A89 2005.




Recommended Materials:

            A Writer’s Reference, latest edition by Diana Hacker


            Rules for Writers, latest edition by Diana Hacker


Course Expectations:

Class “Attendance” and Participation:

Regular online participation in the course’s Blackboard site (http://blackboard.losrios.edu) is required and, therefore, essential to your grade in the course. According to the Sacramento City College attendance policy, students may be dropped from a course after missing 6% of the total class hours. In normal classes, a student is dropped on the day of his or her 4th absence. In our online version, a student will be dropped after receiving a score of zero on four online obligations. Such obligations include online discussions of reading assignments and peer review workshops. A score of zero would be awarded for a no-show as well as for a response to an assignment that I deem as too brief, shoddy, or unprofessional. Take your assignments seriously and be professional in your participation.


Grades: (approximate percentages)

                        Essays                                                                                     50%

                        Class Participation/Discussion Board/Tests                            30%

                        Midterm & Final Exam                                                           20%


                        (Required total will be a minimum of 8500 words written for the semester)



Four Essays (800 Points Total)

Format: Double-spaced, standard MLA format (plain font, 12 pt. size, 1 inch margins, title, proper heading, proper citations of secondary material) and meeting the required word count. On your computer, please name each document clearly, as follows: (Essay1_JonesB). Of course, use your own last name and first initial with no other punctuation, just as the example illustrates. Also, please save your document in Rich Text Format (.rtf) if you are using any word processing program other than Microsoft Word.


Due Dates:  Your essays must be turned in by the specified time using the “View/Complete” link which appears at the end of each assignment description. In addition, you will need to send me via email, a copy of your correctly formatted paper. This step is important because the Blackboard system sometimes changes the format that you intended. All your electronic documents need to be labeled with the assignment name and your name (Essay1_JonesB). Please note: Students who do not submit Essay 1 by 11:59 PM on Monday, September 17, will be dropped from the course.


Late Policy: Any late assignment will receive 10 points off for every 12 hours that the paper is late, and it will not be eligible for a rewrite option.


Rewrites: One optional rewrite for Essay 1, 2, or 3 may be turned in by 11:59 PM on Monday, Dec. 3. You will need to clearly label the revised paper (Essay2rev_JonesB), save it in the proper format, and attach it to an email to me. I will already have your original version because you will have emailed it to me before. Please remember, there is no rewrite option for any paper that is handed in late.


Plagiarism Policy: The following description is taken directly from the SCC Student Guide. I take the issue of plagiarism very seriously. As a student in my class, you should too. Keep in mind that if you were to be caught plagiarizing, at the very least, you would receive a zero on the paper; therefore, it is possible you would not meet the minimum word requirement for the class which would result in your failing the course.


Plagiarism is representing the work of someone else as your own and submitting it for any purpose.


Plagiarism includes the following:

• Incorporating the ideas, words, sentences, paragraphs, or parts of another person’s writings, without giving appropriate credit, and representing the product as your own work.

• Representing another’s artistic/scholarly work as your own.

• Submitting a paper purchased from a research or term paper service.


Consequences of Dishonesty

Depending on the seriousness of the infraction, the following may occur as a result of the dishonesty:

• Receive a failing grade on the paper.

• Have the course grade lowered.

• Receive an “F” in the course.

• Be placed on disciplinary probation or suspension.

• Be expelled.


In any conflict related to student discipline, students shall be informed in writing of charges to be brought against them, and they shall have the right to participate in an informal investigative meeting with the Student Discipline Officer. At such informal meetings or even at more formal Discipline Appeal hearings, students may not be represented by an attorney.


Discussion Board (200 Points Total) –


Reading For Meaning/Reading Like a Writer (200 points)- These assignments on the Discussion Board help to keep you on schedule, and they give you the advantage of gaining different perspectives on your opinions and understandings of what you read as well as your own individual writing style. Because these assignments depend upon collaboration with other class members, discussion boards must be completed within the time span given. Using the Reading For Meaning and Reading Like a Writer sections to spark your own ideas, you will post your initial response (approx. 150 words) to the prompt and then, perhaps a day later, you will post at least two responses (approx. 75 words each) to classmates’ responses. You may have a few discussion board assignments during the course of a given week, but the due date for most of your initial responses will fall on a Wednesday by 11:59 PM of that week, and the due date for all of your responses to one another will fall on the following Monday by midnight. You can work on these assignments on a schedule that works for you as long as you ultimately meet the deadlines.


Other Assignments (100 Points Total) –

Selected exercises from our text or other sources as assigned on the syllabus will help you to evaluate your comprehension of a given essay or concept, to practice a specific research or writing skill, or to prepare you for the midterm and final exams.


Midterm Exam (100 Points Total) and Final Exam (200 Points Total) –

These exams are mandatory and must be completed in person on campus. Please bring your photo ID to both exams. The exams will require that you write analytical essays examining the effectiveness of various writing strategies utilized by authors in our text. You must contact me ahead of time with a compelling reason to reschedule either exam, or you will risk being dropped or receiving a zero.


Additional Information:

  Civil, respectful behavior should be expected from all people in our digital classroom. No one should be asked to tolerate rude behavior. Violators will be warned and then dropped from the course if the rudeness continues.


•You are responsible for staying current with the class and for meeting deadlines, so you should be logging on to Blackboard at least twice a week. . You may email me or other people in the class if you have questions. You may also plan to come to one of my office hours on campus or call me during office hours. I will gladly offer extra help or address any of your questions, so do not hesitate to ask.



During the course of this class, some students will utilize prearranged accommodations. If you are a student with a learning disability, physical disability, or have other special needs, please let me know as soon as possible if you need special accommodations. These kinds of confidential discussions are best handled by email, during my office hours, or by special appointment. You can expect confidentiality and cooperation regarding any circumstances and needs that have been verified through the disability centers on campus.


Important Dates

Labor Day – Holiday  – September 3

Veteran’s Day – Holiday – November 12

Last Day to Drop with a “W” – November 20

Thanksgiving – Holiday  – November 22-25


Essay 1 – September 17, 11:59 PM

Essay 2 – October 8, 11:59 PM

Midterm Exam – October 23, 5:30 PM, in room RS 326

Essay 3 – November 19, 11:59 PM

Optional Revision of Essay 1, 2, or 3 – December 3, 11:59 PM

Essay 4 – December 10, 11:59 PM (Research Paper – no rewrite option)

Final Exam – December 19,  5:30 PM, in room RS 326