English/Writing 50

Sacramento City College

FALL 2007

TTh 9:00 – 10:20, Section #17910, Room B 145

            MW 10:30 – 11:50, Section #17911, Room B 237

Ann Doersch, Professor                                                                Office Hours in RS319:

Voice Mail: (916) 650-2777                                                                 MTWTh 8:10–8:50

Email: doersca@scc.losrios.edu                                                              MW 12:00–1:00

Mailbox: RS226                                                                                    or by appointment


Course Description:

EngWr 50 is a writing course that offers individualized and group work for students who need to improve their writing skills. Students will review how to write formal paragraphs and then advance to writing short essays. Students will write a minimum of 2500 words that will be divided into at least nine writing assignments. The course will focus primarily on in-class essay development. Overall, you must earn a C average on in-class writing assignments, including midterm and final exams in order to pass the course. Then if you earn at least a C on the rest of your assignments, you will be eligible to take EngWr 100. If you get lower than a C, you may repeat EngWr 50 one time for credit. You will not be passed on to take EngWr 100 until you are ready to do so.


Required Co-requisite:

In order to get credit for EngWr 50, you must have either already passed EngWr 59, or you must simultaneously enroll in and pass EngWr 59. EngWr 59 is a 2 unit, Pass/No Credit course that will focus on important grammar skills needed to make your writing clear and effective. Diligent work in EngWr 59 will give you a greater chance of succeeding in EngWr 50. The two courses are connected, so if you do not pass EngWr 59, you cannot receive a grade for EngWr 50.    



In order to be eligible for this course, you must have ONE of the following:

            • a transcript showing a “C” or better in EngWr 40

            • an assessment test placement in EngWr 50

            • a counselor’s recommendation (not merely a “course plan”)

By the second class meeting, please have documentation to show that you belong in EngWr 50 or you may lose your spot on the class roster and someone else will be added in your place.


Course Expectations:

Class Attendance:

Regular attendance is essential. Assignments worth points may be assigned and collected on the same day, and such assignments may not be made up. According to the Sacramento City College attendance policy, students may be dropped from a course after missing 6% of the total class hours. You will be dropped on the day of your 4th absence. Please be on time to class. Late arrivers break the momentum of a productive learning environment; therefore, each time you are late, it will count as a half of an absence on your record – being late twice will count as one full absence, so keep track. Technically, you could be dropped after being late eight times. Finally, if you are going to miss class, please notify me by leaving a message on my voice mail or email in advance. My phone and email information are listed at the top of this syllabus.


Class Participation:

            Discussion of reading and writing assignments

            Workshops, exercises, presentations done in class


Assessment: (approximate percentages)

            Writing Assignments, including drafts                                    60%

            Exercises/Class Participation/Discussion                                20%

            Midterms and Final Exam                                                       20%


            (Required total will be a minimum of 2500 words written for the semester)


Additional Information:

Take-home Essays: Typed, double-spaced, standard MLA format (plain font, 12 pt. Size, 1 inch margins, title, proper heading, proper citations of secondary material) and meeting the required word count.


Due Dates: You must bring a hard copy of your paper (with rough drafts in your composition book) to the beginning of class the day it is due, or it will be marked late.


Late Policy: Any essay turned in late (no more than one week) will be worth half credit and not be eligible for a rewrite.


Please staple the pages of your assignments together before turning them in to me.


Plagiarism Policy: The following is taken directly from the SCC Student Guide. I take the issue of plagiarism very seriously. As a student in my class, you should too. Keep in mind that if you were to be caught plagiarizing, at the very least, you would receive a zero on the paper; therefore, it is possible you would not meet the minimum word requirement for the class which would result in your failing the course.


Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism is representing the work of someone else as your own and submitting it for any purpose.


Plagiarism includes the following:

Š       Incorporating the ideas, words, sentences, paragraphs, or parts of another person’s writings, without giving appropriate credit, and representing the product as your own work.

Š       Representing another’s artistic/scholarly work as your own.

Š       Submitting a paper purchased from a research or term paper service.



Consequences of Dishonesty

Depending on the seriousness of the infraction, the following may occur as a result of the dishonesty:

Š       Receive a failing grade on the paper.

Š       Have the course grade lowered.

Š       Receive an “F” in the course.

Š       Be placed on disciplinary probation or suspension.

Š       Be expelled.


In any conflict related to student discipline, students shall be informed in writing of charges to be brought against them, and they shall have the right to participate in an informal investigative meeting with the Student Discipline Officer. At such informal meetings or even at more formal Discipline Appeal hearings, students my not be represented by an attorney.





Rewrites: On occasion, you will be given the opportunity to do a rewrite which will be accompanied by the original, graded paper, and it may be turned in by a deadline to be announced. There is no rewrite option for any paper that is handed in late or on in-class writing assignments.


Please turn off pagers and cell phones during class.


  Civil, respectful behavior should be expected from all people in our classroom. No one should be asked to tolerate rude or disruptive behavior. Violators will be asked to leave.


Have your most recent draft of the current writing assignment in class on Writing Workshop or peer review days. Your original draft should be hand-written in your composition book. Second and third drafts should be typed.


You are responsible for staying current even if you have missed a class. I suggest that you exchange phone numbers with at least two other people in the class so that in the unlikely event that you miss class, you may stay current and remain prepared for the next class meeting. I check email daily, so there is no reason to fall behind.


• Papers or assignments not picked up by the end of the following semester will be discarded.


Required Texts and Materials:

English Skills with Readings, sixth edition, by John Langan – This text is available in the LRC, and you can borrow a copy for a couple of hours at a time by using the following call number: PE1408.L3182 2006.

• Black “composition book” sold in our bookstore to be used for this class only



During the course of this class, some students will utilize prearranged accommodations. If you are a student with a learning disability, physical disability, or have other special needs, please let me know as soon as possible if you need special accommodations. These kinds of confidential discussions are best handled during my office hours or by special appointment. You can expect confidentiality and cooperation regarding any circumstances and needs that have been verified through the disability centers on campus.