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Wimpy AV by Mike Gieson
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Wimpy AV is the drop-dead simple solution for getting streaming video on your web site. No more compressing each video three times. No more adding three HTML links for every video. No more hoping that your visitors know what a QuickTime, Windows Media, or RealPlayer button is supposed to do.

With Wimpy AV, all you ahve to do is upload FLV, SWF or MP3 files to the Wimpy AV instalaltion folder and Wimpy AV will automatically read the contents of the folder and present the list of files in the playlist. Users simpyl have to click on an item to start watching a video, or listen to an MP3 track.

Visit the support section at www.wimpyplayer.com for more information about Wimpy AV Player, including:
- Updated versions
- Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
- How to create FLV or SWF video files
- How to convert your existing video to FLV or SWF video

Installing Wimpy AV

NOTE: If you are installing the ASP version, referneces to "wimpyAV.php" should be assumed as "wimpyAV.asp." Likewise, if you are installing the ColdFusion version, references to "wimpyAV.php" below should be assumed as "wimpy.cfm" -- because all three versions are installed in the same manor.

1. Create a new folder named "wimpy" on your website and upload the contents of the Wimpy package to the "wimpy" folder

www.yoursite.com/wimpy/Al and Will.flv*
www.yoursite.com/wimpy/Example audio.mp3*
www.yoursite.com/wimpy/Quick Draw McGraw.swf

*NOTE: The non-demo version does not include the example audio and video files.

2. Open your web browser and pull up wimpyAV.php on your web site by typing the URL to wimpyAV.php into your browser's address bar.


NOTE: The URL to the file is case-sensative, so be sure to capitalize the AV when entering the address into the browser.

3. If the example files display in the playlist and play, then Wimpy is working fine on your website -- upload additional FLV, MP3 or SWF files to your wimpy folder.

If the files did not display properly, review the "Troublshooting" section of this page.

Customizing Wimpy AV

Use the Customizer tool at wimpyplayer.com to generate the necessary HTML code to include Wimpy AV on existing pages within your web sitee. Click here to go to the Wimpy AV Customizer tool.

When using the customizer tool, you will need to enter the fulle URL to wimpyAV.php and wimpyAV.swf. So you should have that information ready before going to the customizer tool.

Copy and paste the HTML snippet generated by the customizer tool into an HTML file on your site. You can paste the HTML snippet anywhere between the <body> and </body> tags of your HTML page.

Once you've successfully inserted the Wimpy AV HTML code into your page, navigate to the HTML file that contains Wimpy AV.


If after accessing wimpyAV.php with your web browser, you get a bunch of code, then your web serve does not support ASP. Try installing the PHP demo.

If the player displays, but does not contain any files in the playlist, then chances are your server administrator has limited the capabilities of ASP, preventing Wimpy AV from taking advancage of certain functions such as being able to automatically read the contents of the directory and automatically presenting the list of files within the player. Contact your server admin to see if they can configure ASP to allow Wimpy to work properly.

If the player displays the SWF and MP3 example files, but not the FLV example, you may need to configure your web server's "mime types" so that it recognizes FLV files properly, or you may need to ensure that you have uploaded the FLV file using "binary" mode. Click here for more information on this type of problem.


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